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Barberry (Berberris vulgaris L.) as a shrub with 1-3m height grows in Asia and Europe. Barberry fruits with pink colour and 10 mm length contain antioxidant ingredient such as berbamine, berberine and berberrubine. Barberry juice with polyphenols content has positive effect on lipid profiles and diabetes complications.

In regard to pharmacological effects of barberry juice, an investigate was conducted on patients with type 2 diabetes. The group treatments were the BJ group who consumed 200 ml of barberry juice daily for eight weeks, or the control group with no intervention. At the baseline and the end of 8-week intervention, blood pressure and biochemical markers were measured. With completion of the study, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, Fasting Blood Sugar and Total Cholesterol significantly decreased. Also Triglyceride decreased significantly in BJ group. Paraoxonase-1(PON1) concentrations significantly increased in Bj group and have a significant difference in comparison with control group.
According to obtained results, barberry juice might be effective in decrease of the risk of cardiovascular diseases in patients with diabetes


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