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The use of artificial antioxidants causes cancer,” said Abbas Baigan, a physician in an interview with ISNA, saying: “The application of Natural and synthetic antioxidants or anti-cancer agents is the main way to treat cancer and repair damaged cells. Baigan added: “Recently, the use of this type of antioxidant has grown as an additive to oral food throughout the world. Excessive use of artificial antioxidants causes cancer.

We have to increase the use of natural antioxidants in foods like legumes, meat, fruits and vegetables, and replace artificial antioxidants,” Baigan added. Green leaves tea is a rich source for this type of antioxidant, but unfortunately, after processing and turning it into black tea, it disappears. He added: Green tea leaf has a lot of anti-cancer extract that can be found in food, medicine, Cosmetics, hygiene and even dairy products, and so-called “enriched”, for example enriched cake With a green tea leaf that has a 100-fold effect. Baigan said that the Iranian Chemical Development Research Institute has developed this anti-cancer product to add to food. He said: “The remarkable thing about this product is that it has no harm for the people due to plant origin. At the end he announced the initial measures for mass production of this product and said that several large food companies were ready to sign contracts and use this additive in their products.


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