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In an experiment, encapsulation of garlic essential oil (GEO) in nanophytosomes was considered as a novel phytoconstituents delivery system.
In the food industry, encapsulation refers to a technology in which the bioactive components are completely enveloped, covered and protected by a physical barrier, without any protrusion of the bioactive components [1].
Nanoencapsulation (encapsulation in the nanometer scale) is able to improve the solubility and stability of bioactive compounds in aqueous phase of foods and beverages during storage period and can contribute to mask the off-flavor and strong aroma. Phytosome is one of the novel lipid based vesicular delivery systems used in the formulation of botanical based nutraceuticals and medicines.
Allium sativum L. commonly known as garlic is predominantly a rich source of organosulfur compounds responsible for its antibacterial properties against both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. However, garlic annoying smell restricts its widely application in food industries. The major bioactive compounds responsible for most of GEO functional properties is Allicin with sensitivity to high temperature and high pH conditions. Therefore encapsulation can be used to increase its stability and suppress the unpleasant smell.
In this study, the physicochemical characterization of nanophytosomes and the antioxidant activity, physical stability and antibacterial effects against food-borne pathogens i.e. Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus were investigated. The results showed an increase in antibacterial effect by GEO nanophytosome in yogurt as a food model. Also insignificant difference was observed among samples containing garlic essential oil loaded nanophytosomes and control. It can be concluded that GEO-nanophytosomes may be offered as an efficient natural food preservative [2].

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